Getting Baptized


What is Baptism?

In short, baptism is an outward display of an inward decision to follow Jesus. It is a directive from God as part of the discipleship process. As such, it is an ancient practice in which even Jesus himself participated in!

The act of baptizing someone reflects Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. In the water reflects His life; under the water reflects His death; and coming out of the water reflects His resurrection and their new life within that.

Here at Vancouver Church, we believe baptisms are a joyous occasion. For us, this looks like having them up front during the gatherings with lots of cheers and worship – we like to call it a party!


Why Get Baptized?

The most important reason for getting baptized is that you have chosen to follow Jesus and have trusted God as your Lord and Savior. 

Beyond this, people have many different reasons for chosing to get baptized. It could be you have recently given your life to Jesus, or that you walked away from God for a time and have returned in full faith, or that you’ve grown up in the church and this is simply the next step of obediance for you. Whatever the reason, it is a way to show your friends, family, and church community what God is transforming in your heart and doing in your life.


How to Get Baptized?

There are two things you’ll need to do in order to get baptized:

(1) Fill out a Baptism Form 

Our online form lets us know you’re interested. This is also where we learn more about your story and how we can celebrate with you! 

(2) Attend a Baptism Orientation

Our orientations are a chance for us to meet each other face to face. And place for you to learn more about what it means to get baptized, along with a host of practical details. 

We typically host baptisms on Easter Sunday and our Fall Kickoff Sunday in September during the service at all three gatherings.

Have more questions? We’d love to answer! You can talk to a pastor on a Sunday, call the church office at 360-574-1611, or email

Check out this video from The Bible Project on what the bible says about baptism.

You can find this video and more at