Through our series “How to Pray” we are learning to pray more: more passionately, more consistently, more biblically, more expectantly, and more joyfully! I’ve heard story after story from people stepping into a deeper prayer experience than ever before, no matter their starting point.

One man reported of his hour of prayer, “I haven’t ever prayed that long … but the time went quickly and I could have prayed another hour! The connection with the Holy Spirit was a great joy, and prayer was so natural with his help.” One long-time prayer warrior let me know how encouraging it was to read How to Pray. While she practically could’ve written the book herself from her own experiences, it was still renewing and invigorating her own prayer life. Even though she’s someone whose prayer life we’d all like to emulate, here she was thanking God for the fresh work of the Spirit in her own already robust prayer life.

If you’ve experienced any level of growth in your own relationship with the Lord through prayer, would you be willing to share your experience for the encouragement of others? This Sunday you can fill out a short sentence or two at the iPads or fill out a Connection Card. If you haven’t quite caught the momentum in your own prayer life, don’t feel a bit of guilt or shame! Simply ask God to deepen your desire to have this vital conversation!

Remember that prayer is one of the key areas of focus for our Vancouver Church 20/20 Vision. We want to: Meet Needs, Reach Neighbors, Send Workers and Pray Always. To that end, please be sure to mark your calendars for the second Wednesday each month, and join us as we come together to pray for our church, our city, our county and our world!

Chris Kainu