When I consider 2019 it’s not the events I recall most, but the people of our church as they’ve played with toddlers, mentored teenagers, grown with life groups, learned through a new class, distributed food in Lebanon, and cared for our seniors. It’s so clear that the life of Christ radiates throughout Vancouver Church! As we turn toward 2020, I’m asking each of our Vancouver Church family members to uncover their role in the life and mission of our church, and I’m challenging guests to discover what we’re about as a church so that they can consider becoming part of the gathering that best fits their style. With both goals in mind, let’s take a look at the vision for 2020.


I loved our Community Banquet and Christmas Concert this year! About 100 of you served over 300 guests in need. Some served an incredible dinner, others prepared awesome gifts, while others shared valuable time at a table with our guests. It was a beautiful picture of the Christmas story, lived out in real life. We will continue this tradition in new ways, and I’m so gratified to be part of a church that wants to care well for our neighbors, especially those in a vulnerable season.


Suburban America benefits from some of the most ideal circumstances in history, thriving under economic conditions that create a seemingly endless supply of fulfilled passions, hobbies and achievements. Yet there is a tragic emptiness in having everything: where is suburban meaning, peace and satisfaction? Our neighbors are struggling to find spiritual, emotional and relational help. We will focus on this need and this audience, praying to be empowered to deliver the good news of Jesus in new ways.


In cooperation with Church of God Ministries, we are praying, planning and preparing to start new campuses and new churches in the not too distant future. This likely will include the ‘replanting’ of some churches that are dwindling, as well as planning additional campuses of Vancouver Church in Clark County.


I can hardly wait to kick off the new year with a two-month study of The Lord’s Prayer. Our dream is to see 2020 as the year we learned to pray more, and to do it as a whole church. I’m confident that as we open ourselves to be stretched in the area of prayer, this series entitled How To Pray will grow us individually and lead us to intensified church unity.

Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been at VC your whole life, you’re invited to invest your time, talent and resources into this beautiful mission of Jesus. May the Lord pour His grace and power on us all in 2020!

Chris Kainu, Senior Pastor