Have you ever noticed the way closet baseball fans make their way to the surface during the World Series in October? Or the way secret movie critics come out of the woodwork during the Oscars in February? There are moments in our broader culture when we seem to become more interested in certain things collectively.

The church calendar is no different! There are certain days during the year when people are more likely to attend church. That’s why we’ve chosen a few dates throughout the year where we design a special Sunday worship gathering focused on the churchless people we all know. We make it a priority to encourage you to invite friends, family and neighbors who are disconnected from God to join us at church. We want everyone to hear the Good News about Jesus. 

Because Christmas is one of those seasons, we’re making December 15th our big invite Sunday. Christianity Today and LifeWay Research say 61% of Americans will attend church at Christmastime – and nearly 80% of the people polled say there’s one reason they do it: to honor Jesus. Unfortunately the same polls reveal that only 2% of people attending church have invited someone to church in the last year.

Together, we can bust that percentage. We’re going to be talking about how we were all created with a deep desire to know God during our December series, All I Want for Christmas. On December 15th we will be especially focused on the guests you bring. So will you take some Christmas invitations? Will you pray? Will you invite your churchless friends, family, and neighbors to join us on December 15th for a life-changing experience?

Casey Graves, Community Pastor, The 6