Our nation is pulsating with pain, anger, confusion and fear upon the death of George Floyd. One letter can’t provide resolution, yet we recognize silence is its own statement. As a church, we want to be “with Jesus and like Jesus.” We believe anyone filled with the Holy Spirit must feel the deepest sadness and outrage after seeing this video; it is devastating. It is our desire to clearly acknowledge the existence of racial injustice and promote steps we can all take to become a vital part of God’s solution.

Grieve. We grieve for the Floyd family and their very personal loss during this time. May God‘s mercy surround them and comfort them. We also grieve the actions of the former officers who are all being arraigned. Their actions require the strictest accountability. We pray justice is served, and that God‘s mercy and grace fills them and their families.

Pray. Pray that God would help us see these issues as he sees them. Pray each believer becomes part of God’s best solutions for racial injustice. Pray that the violence and rioting would end, but not the tension that needs to be addressed. Pray for each person of color who has faced and continues to face racism. Pray for our law enforcement as they risk their lives daily, many with great nobility. Pray God would move us toward long term action.

Recall we all have blind spots. The video represents the longstanding pains that many people of color have been trying to communicate about the racial injustice they’ve experienced in countless settings. The biblical prophets decry this very kind of injustice throughout all societies. We should work hard to place scripture above all political views. We recommend viewing The Bible Project’s video, “Justice.”

Keep Learning. It’s crucial to educate ourselves on racial perspectives that are different than our own. Initiate a humble conversation with someone of a different skin color, purely to understand how they’re impacted. Ask more questions and give fewer opinions.

As important as it is to bring attention to these issues right now, we believe it’s vital to bring about a long term strategy that includes a biblical vision of the future kingdom: a unified, multiracial community. May we remain steady in our resolve to be part of a gospel-centered movement that will outlast this moment. With our willingness, Jesus and his churches will be at the heart of God’s solution.

Chris Kainu, Senior Pastor