Three Gatherings

One Family


Our 9am traditional service is full of people who love hearing from the Holy Spirit through worship that is more traditional. Hymns, a choir, classical instruments and even a pipe organ might be heard.

Our 11am gathering is full of lots of extended families of kids and teens, lots of working parents, and lots of close community alongside a more contemporary worship style led by a worship leader and team.

Our 6pm gathering has an expressive worship most likely to look like a rock concert to a first time observer, with young kids and families filling the lobby before it begins, catching up over coffee in jeans and t-shirts.

Vancouver Church holds a unique place among Clark County churches. With three distinct gatherings, there’s something for everyone. We all gravitate toward our favorite worship styles when coming together on Sundays, but it’s our love for Jesus and all we have in common that unites us as one family. Join us and find your perfect gathering place.

Chris Kainu

Lead Pastor