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We’re gathering up your stories and sharing them so we can all encourage each other in the practice of biblical hospitality. We’d love you to share your stories – both failures and successes – of inviting someone to the table.


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The Table

Welcome to The Table

We hope that over the last few weeks God has been opening conversations and creating space for you to invite others to your table. We are praying that the Holy Spirit would give you boldness to make new invitations and guidance with supernatural direction in your conversations. Please share with us at the link below, what God has been doing at your table as you’ve been partnering with him. 

Weekly Ladies Night

I started inviting some of the ladies of my neighborhood over for a weekly ladies night back in January. We meet after we get our kids in bed and have dessert and coffee and just chat. Over the months, it’s grown to seven women coming regularly. I knew all these women before but many of them had never met or only exchanged passing conversation. Now we all know what’s happening in each others lives. One of the ladies now helps with after school care for another’s daughter. We all got tomato starts from neighbor with a green house. It’s been great to see God work through this time to bring our neighborhood closer.

Dinner with New Neighbors

We invited some of our “new” neighbors over for dinner. They moved in during the summer of 2020 and we’ve never had the chance to get to know more about them and their story. Dinner was a huge success! The kids all played together while the adults talked and laughed. They stayed past bedtime and it was totally worth it.

Spontaneous Dinner Invitation

My husband invited an unchurched widow friend for dinner at our house for the first time.  Before she passed away, his wife had enjoyed entertaining at their house, where Jesus was never mentioned.  At my husband’s announcement, “Let’s pray for our food,” our friend seemed noticeably uncomfortable but joined hands with us.

The next week we again invited this same childhood friend of my husband’s to dinner. The same day a mutual friend of both the guys called wanting to drop off 15 fresh clams that he’d dug up at the beach.

I knew there was plenty of food since I’d made a big kettle of beef stew, so Mr. Clam Digger and his wife were spontaneously invited to also have dinner with us.

As soon as we were all seated our widow friend announced, “We will be praying for dinner.” For unchurched folk, the atmosphere was relaxed and very pleasant as we’d asked the Lord’s intercession before our guests arrived.
My dear husband and I are looking forward to more dinners with those same friends who we are lifting up to His Throne of Grace for Salvation.

Co-Worker Gathering

I’ve an opportunity for a 10+ co-worker gathering in my home space, where God’s Word is always open. I’m excited at the thought of making these arrangements suddenly! God’s perfection in his timing, to correspond with the precise details of our lives, right when you find where he is leading!

Forever grateful to be with you now!

Pizza & Games

We had the young adults over after a revival night. I know they are part of our church but I am practicing overcoming insecurity of not having a fancy house for people to visit. We all had a blast eating pizza and playing games. We stayed up til almost midnight on a work night!
I also have asked a new friend from the gym out for coffee. She has not accepted the invitation yet. Praying for more open doors.

Prayers for the visit of an old college roommate

I found out that my old, and I mean old ?, college roommate is coming to Seattle to visit her family. Usually a whole group of us get together in the summer but this time she decided to come in March. I invited her to come stay with me for a few days before she heads back to Hawaii and she’s coming! We were all very wild in college and I’m sure that she still uses pot on regular basis. My friend lost her teen aged daughter several years ago in a car accident. Please pray for our visit. I’ve shared my faith with her before and she’s been a witness to God’s hand in my life. She lets me know over and over that she seeks God but seems to have missed the Jesus connection.

Thanks for prayers.


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