Bible Classes

Encountering Jesus—the Word of God—through the words of the bible is a phenomena that has revolutionized the lives of countless people.  It is that same encounter that ignites the hearts daily of those who practice listening to God as they read the bible.

We want to help you understand the bible and get to know God better through its pages. That is why we offer various bible classes and bible studies and invite you come to one! We want you to experience the joy of encountering Jesus day to day, as ordinary people do who prioritize time in their lives to meet with him.

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Sunday, 8:00 AM

Early Risers Bible Class: This group does various topical studies relating to how the Bible applies to a specific subject or issue. Studies have included, “What Does the Bible say about Today’s Headlines?”, “The Theology Behind Hymns”, “How We Got Our Bible”, and more. Generally 40s and up, meet upstairs in Room 116.

Sunday, 9:15 AM

Life Is Adventure Bible Class: This group for young families tackles topical studies of the Bible and how it relates to daily life and faith. Young Families, meets in Room 121.

Sunday, 11:00 AM

Bible Explorers Bible Class: This group does in-depth studies of the books of the Bible. The class is open to all ages but is generally geared toward retirement age, 65+. Generally 65 and up, meet in the Fireside Room.

Friendship Bible Class: This group does in-depth studies of both the Old and New Testament books of the Bible, expanding one’s understanding with archaeological, cultural, and historical context. Adults of all ages, meets in Room 120.


Tuesday, 6:30 AM

Men’s Bible Study: Meets at Peachtree Resturant in Hazel Dell.

Tuesday, 8:45 AM

King’s Way Ladies Bible Study: Meets in Venue 120.


Wednesday, 9:00 AM

Women’s Bible Study: Meets in Venue 120.

Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Women’s Bible Study: Meets in Venue 120.

Specialized Studies


GriefShare: For those experiencing the grief of losing a loved one, you don’t have to walk through it alone. Meets in the Fireside Room.

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