SIMPLE FAITH Why Church? Conversation Starters

Nov 11, 2018 | Life Groups, SIMPLE FAITH

What stood out to you in the sermon? (Missed it? Try

Of all the tension that exists in the world, what kind of conflict most concerns you? How much hope do you have for world peace? How much hope do you have for local peace?

Read Ephesians 3:2-9. What stands out to you in this passage?

Paul has been given the unique assignment to make known a hidden wonder in God’s plan for the human race. The mystery revealed, is that the Gentiles (non-Jews) would become recipients of the blessings God promised to the faithful Jewish believers. Paul is speaking to the fact that God had originally created the human race to be a gigantic, loving family, and the Lord has not given up on that dream. Even though the human race is filled with intense conflict, God has not abandoned his original plan for us to live in complete harmony. Quite the opposite is true. He is making a new human family – called The Church – full of those who have trusted Jesus for forgiveness and leadership.

God cherishes the church. How about you? What are some of your best and worst experiences of church?

Which do you think God wants you to be more serious about: your commitment to Christ or to His Church? Do you find it easier to love God or his people?

Read Ephesians 3:10-12. The church is a community of strangers who have miraculously become family. How does Christ turn foreigners into family members? How does this new spiritually-bonded community highlight the infinite wisdom and brilliance of God? Remember, that from the heavenly realms, the angels and demons are watching how God’s kids treat one another. What are they seeing that is so amazing? (see also 1 Peter 1:12, Ephesians 6:12, & Matthew 16:18)

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you value the Church? Try to be practical in describing how it is that you gauge your love for the Lord’s family. What would you need to do to lower/raise that number?

What kind of church folks bug you the most? Be careful, but honest. Don’t name names, but do confess the kind of Christians that you view as less spiritually mature than you. Why do you think that bugs you? What does this annoyance reveal about you?

Read Ephesians 4:1-3, Roman 15:1-7, & Galatians 6:10. Discuss and then pick one
practice you need most to develop in order to better cherish the church like God does.

Humility      Accepting Christians you don’t enjoy      Protecting Unity      other __________

Gentleness      Forgiving Failings of weak Christians      Patience      other __________

How is God calling you to cherish the church like he does? Describe a specific step you can take this week and pray for each other.