Spiritual Growth is a Journey

Spiritual growth is a journey.  Why is this important? 

Learn more by listening to a short message from Pastor Chris.

Now that you understand why spiritual growth is important, please watch this fun video to explain the different stages of spiritual growth.

We’ve developed a simple assessment to help you identify where you are right now in your spiritual journey. That way, you can figure out where you want to go next.


If you’re on the SEEK path, you may be considering the claims of Christ, exploring your spiritual life, or be interested in having spiritual conversations.

If this is you, we’d like to invite you to watch an online gathering or have a conversation about faith through an Alpha group.


If you’re on the FOLLOW path, you’ve already chosen to follow Jesus and partner with the Holy Spirit. You’re interested in connecting to God’s family and building your own relationship with God.

If this is you, we’d like to meet you in person! Why not attend a Sunday gathering or join a Rooted class and get into a life group? Getting connected is key!


If you’re ready for the SERVE path, you’re well-connected with other followers. Now is a great time to serve others  by discovering the unique gifts and characteristics God created in you!

The next step is to use your gifts to serve the church, consider a mission trip, or get connected to serve with one of our Community Partners.


If you are well-connected with God and other followers, and you experience joy serving others, you’re probably ready to learn to pass on all that you have in Christ to others who can pass it on to others.

For you the next step is to develop yourself as a leader, and begin to lead, mentor and develop others.

There’s a resource for every pathway.

Books, videos and podcasts offer a way for you to connect with big ideas so much more than a passing thought, friendly comment or unanswered question. Some of these resources are videos from RightNow Media. If you’re not already a member, please reach out to our church office to obtain a free subscription.

Whatever path you’re on, we want to partner with you.

Questions? Please reach out to us.