Welcome to a deeper dive into this week’s sermon! Our hope is that we’ll all follow the pattern of Jesus and gather with a few other people regularly to learn and grow spiritually. Be sure you read each Bible section out loud. If you can’t get to every question, just pick a few and go for it. Before you start, take a moment of silence, then pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your conversations as you study God’s word and discuss its application to your life. Have a great time!

Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl? Which is more exciting for you?

Read Mark 1:1-8. What stood out to you most? 

Verses 1-3. What is the tie to the Old Testament prophecies? In other words, who is being introduced here?

Verses 4-6. Why do you think John the Baptizer has such a dramatic and distinguished approach to his life?

Verse 7. Write this verse out in your own words and then discuss it.

Verse 8. What is your understanding of the difference between the experience of an Old Covenant believer and a New Covenant believer? In other words, how did spiritual experience change after the resurrection of Jesus?

Key #1 in our study  is “humility”. How do you see this in the life of John? How do you see this in the life of Jesus?

Discuss the following statement that humility makes

1 Jesus is way more than me

2 Jesus has way more than me

3 I’ll receive the Holy Spirit

Discuss the following statement that pride makes

1 I can earn God’s approval

2 I can provide all I need

3 I don’t desperately need the Holy Spirit

Finish your time together praying. Now one step of humility that you need to embrace to more deeply experience God & his kingdom in your life. Be sure you give a few moments to listen for the influence of the Holy Spirit on your prayers.