Faith is a STEP, DECISION, or BELIEF based on good evidence.

BLIND faith is a step, decision, or belief based on little to no evidence at all.

3 Reasons Faith is Important to God

  1. Faith leads to OBEDIENCE

2. Faith leads to ABUNDANCE

3. Faith leads to CONFIDENCE

3 Sources of Good Evidence

  1. A Document: The WORD of God

2. An Event: The WORK of Jesus

3. Experience: The WITNESS of the Holy Spirit


  1. Faith is a step, decision, or belief based on good evidence. Share a story of a time you practiced faith in your own life.
  2. How would you describe your faith right now? None, new, fragile, unshakable, or some other way? Explain.
  3. Of the three applications presented, the Bible, research on the reliability of Jesus and Christianity, or experiencing the Spirit of God, what step would be the best way for you to develop or strengthen your faith?