Welcome to a deeper dive into this week’s sermon! Our hope is that we’ll all follow the pattern of Jesus and gather with a few other people regularly to learn and grow spiritually. Be sure you read each Bible section out loud. If you can’t get to every question, just pick a few and go for it. Before you start, take a moment of silence, then pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your conversations as you study God’s word and discuss its application to your life. Have a great time!

Read aloud Acts 4, then discuss what stands out to you from verses 23-31.

What do you think of this statement: Our broken world desperately needs the people of Jesus to boldly declare the healing of Jesus?

What do we learn about the boldness of the early followers of Jesus? Why did they need it?  Where did they get it? How did they use it?

How bold are you in declaring the good news about Jesus to those who don’t follow Jesus?

Which of the following do you need most in order to increase your boldness in sharing the gospel? 

A – Ask for Boldness

C – Care about People 

T – Trust God is Working

S – Speak Your Story

Share your answers and pray for each other.