Welcome to a deeper dive into this week’s sermon! Our hope is that we’ll all follow the pattern of Jesus and gather with a few other people regularly to learn and grow spiritually. Be sure you read each Bible section out loud. Don’t try to get to every question, just pick a few and go for it. Before you start, take a moment of silence, then pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your conversations as you study God’s word and apply it to your life. Have a great time!

Read Matthew 26:31-35. Notice Peter’s confidence in this moment. He is passionate about his devotion to Jesus even though his failure is imminent. Have you ever been in a situation where you had all the confidence in the world, but your failure was waiting for you? Explain what happened and reflect on why you were blind to your potential failure. 

Read John 18:15-17. Peter is confronted about his association with Jesus and quickly denies him. Ultimately Peter is trying to save his life. Have you ever been caught in a lie? What motivated you to build the lie? Did the truth ever come out? How did those around you respond? How  did you respond? 

Deep down we all are motivated by fear. Have you ever felt like fear has ruled your life? Reflect on what was going on in that season and how fear influenced your behavior. 

Read John 18:18-27. Peter is trying not to stand out in the crowd and is blending in. What lengths have you ever taken to blend in around a fire in your world. How did you compromise in order to blend in? 

Jesus said in Luke 17:33, “Whoever seeks to save their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will save it.” What do you think of this statement? When was a moment where you surrendered something to God and received new life? 

Is there any area in your life where you need to come out of hiding and tell the truth? 

Finish your time together praying. Sit in silence for a few moments, quietly asking God, “What do you want me to know? What do you want me to do?” Share what came to your mind & then pray for each other.