Welcome to a deeper dive into this week’s sermon! Our hope is that we’ll all follow the pattern of Jesus and gather with a few other people regularly to learn from the Scriptures and grow spiritually. Be sure you read each Bible section out loud. Don’t try to get to every question, just pick a few and go for it. Before you start, take a moment of silence, then pray the Holy Spirit will fill your conversations as you study God’s word and apply it to your life. Have a great time!

Share a humous failure in your life. Such as a minor accident, wrong turn, said something stupid, etc. Just search for an embarrassing moment and you’ll likely think of something. 

In your current spiritual experience, where do you feel the strongest and where do you struggle?

Read Galatians 2:11-16 and share what stood out to you.  What didn’t make much sense? What do you think is the main point Paul is trying to make?

Paul is describing an intense confrontation with Peter. Even if you don’t understand all the details, do you best to describe how Peter is failing? Who is he failing?

Peter is no stranger to spiritual failure. Yet, in this instance, he was not just a new disciple of Jesus struggling to understand the ways of Jesus before his resurrection. This is after the Holy Spirit’s Pentecost arrival, and he has seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, filled with the Holy Spirit. He is a very mature, spirit-filled apostle, yet he makes this huge mistake that must hurt deeply people he genuinely cared about. He definitely hurts his Gentile brothers and sisters. Why do you think this happened and why do you think it’s recorded in the Bible?

What do you think of this statement? “Jesus partners with spiritual failures.”

Describe a recent spiritual failure that bothers you. How has it affected you? How has it affected others? How do you think God feels about it? 

Do ever feel like spiritually quitting because you just get tired of failing? 

Peter finished strong in the Lord. Though he failed big, Peter never spiritually quit. Instead he received God’s correction and grace. How good are you at receiving God’s correction and grace?

Finish your time together praying. Sit in silence for a few moments, quietly asking God, “How do you want to correct me?” Share what came to your mind & then pray for each other, and be sure you pray to receive God’s grace deeply.