How are you feeling during these dark days?

Read & discuss 1 John 1:5 – 2:2
What stands out to you?

Which verse is most comforting? Why?

Which verse is most challenging? Why?

Which verse goes with each blank?

_____ I love God, but walk in darkness_____ Walk in light
_____ I never sin_____ Confess sin
_____ I have never sinned_____ Sacrifice for sin

What are some differences between these two columns?

How does this passage relate to your life?

How does this passage relate to racism in our nation?

How much racism have you experienced in your lifetime?

How many blind spots do you think you have on this issue?

How can you help decrease racial bias in our culture?

Pray for each other, and be sure to include this prayer:
Lord, please reduce my ignorance and my arrogance toward others.