IDENTITY – Never changes

CALLING – Develops over time

ASSIGNMENT – Changes often

How did Jesus Discover His Identity

  1. The WORD of God
  2. The SPIRIT of God
  3. The VOICE of God

ASK God for your identity

Discussion Questions

  1. What was your highlight of the last week? What’s one thing we can pray for you?
  2. Spend some time praying for each other and inviting the Holy Spirit to lead you discussion.
  3. Share a story about when you got car keys for the first time. How did it feel? How old were you? Where did you go? What kind of car: make, model and color?
  4. Read Mark 1:9-13 together as a group.
  5. What do you like about this passage? What’s confusing or challenging about this passage?
  6. What are some factors that point to this being the moment that solidified Jesus’ understanding of his identity? What are some factors that support otherwise?
  7. How would you answer this question? “What is your identity?” What would you say?
  8. How would our lives be different if we were convinced of our Biblical identity?
  9. Take some time to silently pray and ask God what your next steps are when it comes to understanding and living out your God-given identity, and then share your action step with the group.
  10. End your time in prayer.