Welcome to a deeper dive into this week’s sermon! Our hope is that we’ll all follow the pattern of Jesus and gather with a few other people regularly to learn and grow spiritually. Be sure you read each Bible section out loud. If you can’t get to every question, just pick a few and go for it. Before you start, take a moment of silence, then pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your conversations as you study God’s word and discuss its application to your life. Have a great time!

When you rely on something more than God, what do you rely on?

Acts 2:1-13
What do you think the disciples were experiencing? What do you think their neighborhood crowds were thinking? What are the two main reactions of the neighbors?

Acts 2:14-18
Remember this is the very first sermon ever spoken by the early church. They out in the public square, and with the backing of the other eleven apostles, Peter is speaking to a crowd of thousands. What is his explanation for all the dramatic stuff that is happening with the 120 disciples?

Acts 2:21
What do you think it means to “call on the name of the Lord?” Who do you know who does this? How does that affect their life? Have you ever called on the name of Jesus?

Acts 2:22-24
Peter is describing the fact that while Jesus is fully divine, he became fully human. But, even with human limitations, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and was able to perform incredible miracles, showing that God was fully alive inside of him. With this supernatural power, Jesus willingly entered death in order to destroy its power to hold us forever.

Acts 2:36-37
Give a summary of what is happening in this moment. Why are the people so deeply affected? What is their main concern?

Acts 2:38-39
What does it mean to repent? Why be baptized? What does Peter want for the people to experience? Who is this offer extended to?

What are you currently relying on more than Jesus? Is it a healthy or unhealthy thing that you are relying on? How does that impact your experience of Jesus?

What would it mean for you to rely on Jesus more than anything else right now? Will you do that today?

In what areas of your life do you need to experience the forgiveness of God?

In what areas of your life do you need to experience more of the Holy Spirit?

Pray for each other about your next steps of relying upon Jesus.