Proverbs 2:1-5
Pastor Larry Whittlesey — December 29, 2019

This teaching series has questioned our willingness to partner with God to align our deepest “wants” so that we can experience the life he intends for us. Today we are going to consider how to “reshape” our wants so that we can achieve what in our heart we know is best for our lives.

The fact is our “wants” our learned and maintained by repeated habits and behaviors. To “reshape” them we will need to understand three things:

A. IT STARTS WITH A ___________________________________________________ V.2

B. IT REQUIRES A _____________________________________________________ V.3-4

C. IT RESULTS IN A ______________________________________________________ V.5

God has bigger things for you, new experiences, new ministry opportunities, new areas of growth, new challenges to face,
new things to learn, new prayers to pray, new things to teach you.