Turquoise Table

Casey Graves | June 11, 2017


Conversation Starters

Go deeper with the weekly teaching and use these conversation starters with your Life Group, family, friends, or roommates.

  1. Share a story about a sweet moment you’ve had with someone from another tribe (religion, age, gender, race, sexuality, etc.). What made this moment so memorable to you?
  2. Pray as a group: Father, as we read, think, and discuss loving people from other tribes, help us to see people the way You see people.
  3. Read Luke 10:25-29. What observations, positive and or negative, can be made about the lawyer? What does Jesus’ response tell us about his attitude toward the lawyer?
  4. Read Luke 10:30-37. Each person in the story views the victim differently. Which of these four can you identify with and why?
    • The Lawyer views his neighbors as an issue to debate.
    • The Robbers view their neighbor as a commodity to use.
    • The Priest & the Levite view their neighbor as a problem to avoid.
    • The Innkeeper views his neighbor as a transaction to win.
  5. The Samaritan views this man from another tribe as his neighbor to love. The woman in the Turquoise Table video realized she needed to love the other family tribes in her own neighborhood, so she asked God what to do. Spend some time praying and listening to how God might want you to reach out and love other tribes. Share with the group what you sense God might be leading you to do.