Getting Beyond Conflict

Chris Kainu | May 28, 2017


Conversation Starters

Go deeper with the weekly teaching and use these conversation starters with your Life Group, family, friends, or roommates.

  1. What’s your favorite culture, other than your own? Why? How is it different from your native culture?
  2. Read Revelation 7:9. What do we learn about the diversity and unity God has in store for his people in eternity?
  3. How should today’s followers of Jesus foreshadow this future dynamic of unity-with-diversity? (See Colossions 3:1-17)
  4. Which social/cultural groups are foreign to you? What are the barriers that keep you from loving those strangers well? How can you step past those barriers? (notice them; see them as valuable; initiate conversation; ask questions & listen intently; serve them; other?)
  5. Before you pray together, commit to one step you will take this week in an effort to love strangers well.