Feelin’ It

Jim Lyon | September 3, 2017


Conversation Starters

Go deeper with the weekly teaching and use these conversation starters with your Life Group, family, friends, or roommates.

  1. Identify a New Testament scene in which the emotion of Jesus is identified. Have you also experienced that emotion—and, if so, when? In what context?
  2. Jesus is perfect, without flaw. He experienced His emotions, therefore, perfectly, flawlessly. How would you describe your experience with your emotions? Do they sometimes lead you astray or to become less than your best? Think of a time when you know your emotions compromised your best self.
  3. Has Christ transformed some part of your life? For instance, has He changed your conduct or choices in some way? Did you surrender something to Him that He renewed and made whole? If so, what?
  4. Have you ever surrendered an emotion to Him? Have you considered that your emotions may be as important as your knowledge of Scripture or doctrine or finances or nutrition or church organization or any number of other things that preoccupy us? Can you name two of your emotions that profoundly impact the way you live and the way you relate to others? Are those emotions whole and holy?
  5. Identify a moment in Jesus’ life when His emotions prompted His response, where His emotions defined His actions. Can you identify a moment in which your emotions defined your actions?
  6. Do you believe emotions should be suppressed in deference to your intellect? Do you believe your emotions are inferior to your intellect? Can your emotions and intellect work in tandem? Does one subtract from the other, or do they enhance each other? Illustrate your conclusion with an incident from the life of Jesus. He is the One we follow.
  7. What emotions do you share in common with other people? How can your emotions strengthen your relationships? How can they strengthen the Body of Christ?