Deep & Wide

Chris Kainu | September 24, 2017


Conversation Starters

Go deeper with the weekly teaching and use these conversation starters with your Life Group, family, friends, or roommates.

  1. What have you seen God doing in the life and mission of Vancouver Church?
  2. Did you hear the sermon and direction given last Sunday about the vision of Vancouver Church for the next year? What was most meaningful to you? How do you plan to be a part of that vision?
  3. Read Luke 10:25-28. What stands out to you?
  4. Read Luke 10:28. What do you think Jesus means when he says, “Do this and you will live.”?
  5. For the next year, Vancouver Church is going to be focused on going deep and wide; deep in faith and wide in impact. We want to love God more deeply with our hearts and our minds. Which is more natural?
  6. When it comes to deepening your life in the Lord, where is it more natural for you to grow: in your knowledge of the Bible or your emotional health? Why? How do you plan to grow in both of these areas?
  7. As a church, we are not only deepening our faith, but widening our impact. What compels you to see outsiders come to know Jesus? Which group of churchless folks are you most naturally drawn to? Who do you pray for, that they might meaningfully discover the grace of Jesus?

New Series Next Week. We’re encouraging everyone to get together with at least one other person for an 8-week run of discussions about the new series “Heart: Emotions Matter to God”, starting Sunday, October 1. This will include studying through a small workbook entitled “Emotionally Healthy Church”. Will you pray about getting connected to someone weekly and working through that workbook together? Be sure you pray for each other as you wrap up this discussion too!