Share a 2-3 minute version of how you started following Jesus. How old were you? What were the circumstances? Who invited or shared Jesus with you?

Spend a few minutes praying as a group, thanking God for His rescue in your life. Ask Him to move in your group and use the time to make your group more compassionate toward your churchless neighbors.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.” What do you like about this quote? What don’t you like about this quote? How does this quote challenge you?

Read John 4:1-42 as a group. What are some things about this woman that make it hard to believe she could have a significant impact in our world? What are some things, in this passage, that make this woman so effective at reaching her churchless neighbors?

The woman at the well leaves her water jar, runs back to her village, and tells everyone about Jesus. What are some barriers keeping you from sharing your faith with others?

Where do you feel like God is asking that you be more intentional about sharing your faith with others?

Who is a person you need to share your faith with this week?

How can we as a group encourage each other toward ongoing outreach?

Spend time praying that each member of the group would partner with God to share their faith effectively. Also pray for your churchless neighbors by name.