After reading each passage below, write a few words that describe the unique calling of Jesus to his disciples.

John 1:35-39 _________________________________________________________________

John 1:43 ____________________________________________________________________

Matthew 4:18-20 _____________________________________________________________

Matthew 28:18-20 ____________________________________________________________

As you reflect on your own spiritual life, remember that God doesn’t love us more as we mature, nor does he love us less, when we’re struggling. He always loves us enough to meet us right where we are; and loves us enough, not to leave us there. Mark each statement that describes you most of the time, and discuss your thoughts on this little exercise.

_ I’m unsure about trusting Jesus with my life and eternity
_ I’m hesitant to connect closely to the followers of Jesus
_ I’m not really looking to tell others about life in Jesus

_ I’ve chosen to trust Jesus as the Leader of my life and Forgiver of my sins
_ I’m close with many followers of Jesus as I serve next to them
_ I want my friends to meet Jesus to discover a whole new life in him

_ I serve as an act of worship because Jesus saved me
_ I understand my spiritual gifting role in the church
_ I’m willingly to talk with others about spiritual life and Jesus

_ I’m leading others to Jesus and training them how to grow spiritually
_ I’m helping others discover their God-given gifts and how to serve in his family
_ I’m training others to humbly and powerfully share their faith with people

Discuss the follow question, then take time to pray together. What’s your next step in your journey of spiritual growth? Who can you help in taking their next steps?