Spiritual Warfare
Learning to defeat the enemy

‘’I am giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on.”
Joshua 1:3

This involves walking outside in our community praying for it as you go, carrying the victory of Jesus into every area and vein of our community. God has determined to strengthen us by calling us in the battle against dark forces. Each prayerful step, helps loosen the grip of the enemy, and releases God’s kingdom of goodness into our neighborhoods. Without being consumed by the darkness, pray for God’s solutions and perspectives as you get on your feet in humility, repentance and unity for our city, county and country.

Worship. Start your walk with a Psalm, and a prayer of adoration, thanking God for who He is and what Jesus did on the cross. Focus your mind and heart on who God is and His goodness.

Ask. Begin to ask specific requests for the people, homes, businesses, schools, and governments all around you. Pray the people will embrace God’s promises as you move.

Listen. As you listen and ask, begin to listen to what God has to say. He may lead you to a specific Scripture to pray over the land or a solution to an issue. He may give you a word sentence, image or picture from his Spirit. Speak to God as He speaks to you.

Know your land. Stay informed about the land in which you are praying over. Prepare a list of a few historic features and current problems of our community. Pray, not only for the problems to be eliminated, but to see historic features retooled for God’s purposes.

Choose one block or one area of our community to walk regularly for an extended period of time, building a list of specific Scriptures to pray over that area. Watch and listen as God begins to transform the land and speak to you.

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