Praying Together
Be sure you gather with friends, family or your Life Group and watch the video together on And don’t forget to pray with each other!

Practicing “Listening Prayer”
To better learn how to hear from God, set aside a time of stillness each day this week. Start your time by asking Him what He wants to share with you. In a journal ask these two questions each day:
• God, what do you want me to know?
• God, what do you want me to do?

Two-Way Journaling
Record what you hear in a journal, even if you suspect it is not from God. Spend 15 min conversing with Him through writing, sharing your own prayers along with what you are hearing. This is a learning process in which we grow to discern the voice of God; that means we get it wrong plenty of times. (This is why we speak with humility, resisting phrases like, “God told me…”, instead saying, “With all my heart, I believe God told me…”) Remember that when God speaks it brings life, hope, perspective, the fruit of the spirit and draws you near to Him. The voice of God does not bring shame or condemnation. With God’s words of discipline and conviction, He always brings hope and freedom.

Deeper Dive
Ask God to bring a person to your mind. Then ask God to reveal to you how He feels about them, how He views them, or a message He has for them. Then ask God how you could deliver that message to that person.

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