Below are several ways you can put today’s teaching into action.

Pick 1 hour out of 168 hours to intercede for your church and our community.

The unceasing prayer has begun already! Yet, we want you to join with your church. There are still slots of time available toward the end of the week. We hope you will go back to the iPads, where someone can help you find the best time to link into this chain of prayer. Or you may also text “168hours” to 97000 right now! You can come to the Prayer Room here on the VC campus during available hours, or simply pray in your own sacred space during your chosen hour.


Whether you’re in the Prayer Room on our church campus, or somewhere else, please grab one of the Prayer Room Guides available today in the lobby.

This Wednesday Evening’s Prayer Gathering

Please join your extended family as we pray for our church, our county and the world. Our student ministries will be joining us, as we circle up for some guided prayer over some specific topics. We meet in the sanctuary auditorium from 6:30-8pm.


Book How To Pray Chapter 5 – Intercession

Video Session4 – Intercession

Tools Toolshed – Tool #13 & Tool #14

Book The Circle Maker – Mark Batterson