• Each day pray through the Psalms. Praying through the Psalms (vs. reading them) can be powerful in your day. Leading us to not only pray and worship from our own circumstances and emotions, but in helping us to relate and align us with the faith of countless people who walked thousands of years before us.
  • Pray through the Psalm in the morning and evening. Choose one or two verses to meditate on during the day.

Monday: Psalm 23
Tuesday: Psalm 139
Wednesday: Psalm 145
Thursday: Psalm 105
Friday: Psalm 100
Saturday: Psalm 76
Sunday: Psalm 65

Deep Dive:

  • Chose a Psalm and spend the week meditating on it each day.
  • Spend time journaling with God and write your own Psalm to Him. Be honest in your worship. As we read in the Psalms, the writers are full of real raw emotion; leading through a process of deep faith and rejoicing in adoration.


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