Read Matthew 1:18-25. Make some notes on Joseph’s dilemma before the angel arrived. What was he likely feeling, thinking and concluding? What was his experience after the angel appeared?

Before angel appeared

After angel appeared

What do you think the Bible is saying about Joseph’s desires and how God is dealing with them? Describe the highs, lows, tensions, and overwhelms of his journey through this experience. Who and what were his main concerns?

Proverbs 20:5 says, “The real motives come from deep within a person—as from deep waters— but a discerning person is able to draw them up and expose them.” How thoughtful do you think Joseph was about his own heart? Why do you think God calls us to discover our own desires?

Why do you think God sent the angel? Why do you think the Bible is quoted to confirm the message of the angel? What does this tell us about the unity of God’s fresh revelation by the Holy Spirit and his historic revelation through the Scriptures?

John’s gospel, records two men following Jesus, when he asked them, “What do you want?” Take about ten minutes in silence to consider the questions from your sermon notes. Ask God to show you want you want (Q1) and write down a few thoughts. After about five minutes, ask yourself Q2, and make some notes.

Share your reflections with each other, then discuss Q3 together. Then pray together.

Don’t forget to prepare for 20 Days of Prayer & Fasting, starting January 13.