• What is your best personal experience of perseverance?
  • In the sermon, what was meaningful to you? (vancouverchurch.org/sermons)
  • Read aloud Nehemiah 4, then discuss it. What was meaningful? What’s confusing? What are some principles that stand out to you? What can we learn about perseverance?
  • We must learn to recognize the voice of the enemy, who is a mocker, trying to get us to quit serving Jesus. Mark the three lies you most often battle in your head when you’re trying to partner with God in helping others grow spiritually.

Your spiritual life is a joke.

You have nothing to offer others.

You never finish what you start for the Lord.

If you try to serve God, you’re gonna mess it up.

Who are you to think that God will use you to change lives?

Your best years for serving are over.

If you take serving God seriously, it’ll be a drag

Your best opportunity to make an impact is past- you missed your chance.

No one really wants you on their team.

Your spiritual life is lifeless.

• What is the truth of God’s word that speaks against those lies?

• From Nehemiah 4, we learn that, “God is in control and on your side.” When do you find this difficult to believe? When you do believe it, how does it affect your perseverance for the Lord?

• Describe an area in which you most need God’s strength and perspective in order to persevere, and pray for each other.