• What’s the best team effort you’ve ever experienced??
  • In the sermon, what was meaningful to you? (vancouverchurch.org/sermons)
  • Take a full five minutes reading aloud Nehemiah 3. What was most engaging to you about this passage and why? What was your biggest disconnect with the chapter?
  • Remember that Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall to restore Israel’s security, dignity and purpose, both politically and spiritually. Today, God’s people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, are the members of his Church with the mission to join Jesus in the rebuilding of human lives; specifically the restoration of their personal security, God-given dignity and redemptive purpose. In other words, we are called to lead people to their “identity in Christ.” How has Jesus rebuilt your life? What do you understand to be your identity in Christ? How has this understanding affected your life?
  • Do you consider yourself part of God’s restoration team? Do you know your teammates well? Do you often exchange support, prayer and efforts with other Christians? Do you see regular participation in weekend worship valuable?
  • Nehemiah’s people often built the section of the wall that was right in front of their own houses. What’s your position/role on God’s “restoration team”? List ten people who are near you, who could use your spiritual encouragement.











  • How could a “Summer Partnership” with Jesus result in God’s restoration in the lives of these ten people? Pray for each other and for each person on your list.