What’s the boldest step you’ve ever taken?

In the sermon, what was meaningful to you? (vanouverchurch.org/sermons)

After reading Nehemiah 2:1-8, discuss some basic observations about the passage.

The sermon stated that “broken hearts devise bold plans.” Why is sadness such a vital component of dramatic kingdom impact? How good are you at feeling the pain of others?

Discuss the role of each of the following elements as it relates to Nehemiah’s success with the king: prayer, planning, patience, self-control, and risk. Then rank them in order of easiest to hardest in your experience.

Share a bold plan you put in motion for the sake of dramatic kingdom impact, and discuss what drove you to take those risks, and how it paid off for others.

Have you established a “Summer Partnership” with God? If not, we encourage you to do so, and write it in below, along with some details of your plan, followed by discussion and prayer.

This summer, for the sake of kingdom impact, I’m partnering with God to…

WHO do you need? Who are the people you’re asking God to work in and through?

WHAT do you need? What are the resources you’re asking God to provide?

WHEN do you need it? What are the timelines you believe are ideal?