• After reading Nehemiah 1, make some basic observations about the passage. Also, discuss what was meaningful, confusing, challenging, and helpful.
  • Why do you think God calls us to partner with him to bring his rescue into the lives of people? Why doesn’t he just save them without our involvement; wouldn’t that be a better plan?
  • Nehemiah wanted to see “his” people rescued by God. He saw them suffering a loss of dignity, security and radiance; they were not fulfilling their God-given purpose to radiate his life to the world around them. Who are your people? You just like being around them, and would love it if God would use you to bring His rescue into their lives. List three groups of people who you would consider to be your people.

Who are YOUR people?




Summer Partnership
This summer, what would it mean for you to partner with God to bring His rescue to your people? Pray for each other that you will gain great clarity and conviction regarding this calling on your life.