• What is the funniest lie you ever told as a child? Did you get caught or did you confess?
  • What stood out to you in the sermon this week? (Vancouverchurch.org/sermons)
  • Read Psalm 32:3-5. When you hear the word confession, what comes to mind?
  • What are some factors that make it difficult to practice the spiritual discipline of confession in your own life? How have you experienced the life-giving benefits of confession? Try to share a specific moment or event.
  • When it comes to biblical confession, we must SEARCH for it, OWN it, and SHARE it with someone we trust. What aspect of confession do you find most difficult to practice? Explain your answer.
  • Take some time to be quiet before God. Allow each individual to interact with God in the silence, asking the Holy Spirit the following questions:

a. Holy Spirit, reveal a shortcoming, resentment, or sin that I need to confess.

b. Holy Spirit, who is the person I need to confess it to?

c. Holy Spirit, help me to obey you this week.

  • Take some time to go around the group and ask: Did God reveal something that you need to confess (yes or no)? Who is the person God wants you to confess to? What day this week will you share it with that person?
  • Spend time praying and asking for God’s help to apply this practice in our life and relationships this week.