1. Are you more of a structured and disciplined person, or more of a laid back and free spirited person? Share an example.

    2. What do you like or dislike about structure and discipline? Explain.

    3. Before we open up the Bible together, ask God to speak and guide the group as you read and look to apply John 15 to your own life.

    4. Read John 15:1-11 as a group. What do you like about this passage? What questions does it create for you?

    5. Which of the 6 ½ benefits of spiritual disciplines is most motivating and why?

    • Answered PRAYER

    • Bear much fruit: CHARACTER and IMPACT

    • Greater awareness of God’s LOVE

    • Courage to OBEY

    • Increased JOY

    • Receive REST

    6. Jesus makes it clear that in order to grow in our fruitfulness, we need to stay connected to him or abide. What spiritual disciplines come most natural to you? Which disciplines have you tried that are difficult but meaningful? Which of the disciplines that you haven’t tried, would you like to experiment with during this series?

    Meditation        Simplicity          Confession
    Prayer              Solitude              Worship
    Fasting             Submission        Guidance
    Study                Service              Celebration

    7. What can you do this week to grow in the area of spiritual disciplines?

    • Take RESPONSIBILITY for your spiritual growth

    READ books on Spiritual disciplines

    REARRANGE your schedule

    RE-ENGAGE in spiritual disciplines

    8. End your time by praying for each person’s action step.