• What kind of year have you had in 2018? What are some of the things that impacted you and/or your family this past year?

• Review Matthew 5-7, “The Sermon on the Mount.” Why do you think Jesus used simple illustrations and parables to teach the most important doctrines of the faith?

• Read Matthew 7:24-27. Was there anything wrong with the “vision” the two men had to build a house? Why or why not?

• While we’re not necessarily talking about making New Year’s resolutions, what “vision” to you have for your future?

• The reality in all of our lives is that “storms” come and go. What are some storms you have been through in the past?

• Pastor Larry said, “We can’t stop the storms from coming into our lives, but our circumstances don’t need to determine our outcome.” What do you think that means?

• The point of this parable is focused on choosing the “foundation” before you try to build anything. What are the foundational elements of your life?

• The disciplines of worship, fellowship, service, witnessing, prayer and study of the Bible are vital to your spiritual life. How do you need to better build on that foundation in 2019?

• Pray and ask God to help you build on a solid foundation in 2019!