•  What stood out to you in the sermon? (Missed it? Try VancouverChurch.org/sermons)

• When do you experience the most peace in life?

• When we experience fear, we generally try to control our environment. When you try to take control of your life, how do you attempt that? How well does that work to eliminate your fear and give you peace?

• The Bible describes a different way to approach our fears. Read Proverbs 3:5-6 & Psalm 37:3-4.

• Read Luke 2:13-14. Who are “those on whom his favor rests.”? What kind of peace does God give them? See also 1 John 4:9-10, 18.

• List a few fears you manage in your regular life, and assign them to a box. (If you say you have no fears, try to wake yourself up from denial).
WORRY BOX                                       GOD BOX

____________________                      ____________________

____________________                      ____________________

____________________                      ____________________

• What does it mean to trust God as a Person and not simply as a Force?

• When we learn to trust God, we become closer to God. Describe your experience of this dynamic of faith and personal closeness to God.

• Describe a step of faith God is calling you to take to fulfill Philippians 4:8-9, then pray for each other.