A Community of Worship Conversation Starters

Nov 25, 2018 | Life Groups

  1. This weekend was Thanksgiving. Begin your time together by sharing one highlight from the weekend, and one disappointment from the weekend.
  2. Begin your time as a group by praying and asking God to lead your conversation.
  3. As a group, come up with a working definition of worship.
  4. What are some fun things in your life that feed your joy (people, hobbies, pets, etc.)? How can we develop a life where we enjoy these good things while not worshiping these good things?
  5. Casey shared 3 keys to pleasing God with our worship. Faith over feeling, God-centered over self-centered, and posture over personality. Which of these 3 keys do you find most natural for you? Which one do you find most difficult? Explain.
  6. At the end of the sermon, Casey shared 7 words that describe different worship postures. Why do you think our body posture is so important to God when we offer our worship to him?
  7. End your time worshiping God together as a group. Spend time thanking God for some very specific people, activities, pets, food, circumstances, etc, in your life. As you pray, practice a worship posture that you don’t normally practice.