‘Making Memories that Last a Lifetime’ Conversation Starters

Jul 22, 2018 | Life Groups

This week’s sermon focused on the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River. After over 400 years of being enslaved in Egypt, this move now into the “Promised Land” was a very big deal!! Take the time to read the whole story recorded for us in Joshua 3 & 4

  1. What was the thing Joshua asked the people to do before they crossed the river? (Joshua 3:1-6) Why do you think he did that?
  2. Joshua reminded the people they were going somewhere they had never been before. (Joshua 3:4) They were venturing into the “unknown”. How do you feel when you find yourself going into the “unknown” places or situations in your life?
  3. Courage is a demonstration of faith. How would you feel if you were one of the priest who were told to “go and stand in the river”, despite the obvious flood conditions? Has God ever asked you to take such a “gulper” — a step of faith that gives you pause?
  4. How do you think God wants to take you to a place you’ve never been before? What about our church?
  5. God wants us to remember where we’ve been before. What are the significant moments of your spiritual journey? (If you have time, try your hand at drawing your own “life time line” using simple symbols)
  6. What was the significance of the 12 stones taken from the riverbed after the people had crossed the river? (Joshua 4:1-7) What did Joshua have them do with the stones? What was the purpose?
  7. How can we create, as individuals and as a church, “spiritual memory milestones”? Why are such memorials so important?
  8. Besides building the memorial of the 12 stones, Joshua also told the people of Israel to do something else. What did he command them to do? (Joshua 4:21-24)
  9. How do you feel about your ability to share your own personal faith story? What could we do as a church to help people get more comfortable with sharing their faith?
  10. God takes us all into the unexpected, unknown, and uncomfortable places in life. What do you think His message is to you from this account of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River?Take a moment to create some accountability. How will you help each other take these steps of faith? How will you create the “spiritual memory milestones” to encourage one another? What can you do, individually and as a group, to better share your faith story?