MORE ‘Spirit Language’ Conversation Starters

Jul 8, 2018 | Life Groups, MORE

  1. What stood out to you in the sermon? (Missed it? Try
  2. Read 1 Corinthians 14. It’s long, so share the reading. What caught your attention in this passage?
  3. Spiritual life is not just intellectual and behavioral, it’s also mystical. Following Jesus involves not just in your mind and your actions, it involves your spirit as well, because we are spiritual creatures living in a spiritual realm that is just as real as the physical realm. Do you believe this?
  4. What has been your experience of these three kinds of “Spirit Language”?

•  UNLEARNED Language – A Spirit empowered ability to speak a foreign language unlearned by the speaker, yet known by the hearers. (Acts 2:2-4 & 1 Corinthians 13:1).

•  UNKNOWN Language – A language unknown to the speaker or hearers, so an interpretation through the Holy Spirit is needed (1 Corinthians 14:5,13,27).

•  UPWARD Language – A private language of prayer and praise to God (1 Corinthians 14:2,4-5,14-19,28; Ephesians 6:18; Jude 20).

5. Though Paul sees prophecy as more valuable in serving others, he is still very much for speaking in a Spirit Language. He speaks in tongues more than any of the Corinthians, and he tells them not to “despise” speaking in a Spirit Language. What barriers might prevent you from exploring this gift of the Holy Spirit?

• Not my style

• Not sure the Spirit does this stuff

• Not sure what it means

• Doesn’t seem crucial

• Was taught to avoid such things

• I’m not spiritual enough

• Feels awkward

• Not sure how to proceed

• Too uncomfortable

• Hard to give up control

• Never really thought about it

• Other …

6. In an effort to receive the gift of Spirit Language, specifically the “Upward Language” you are encouraged to:

BELIEVE that, according to the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit hands out such gifts to those who “eagerly desire” them.

ASK the Lord eagerly to give you such spiritual empowerments.

STEP OUT in faith; engage your own voice in an attempt to cooperate with the divine empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Which of these three steps do you most need to take right now? Pray for each other that we will not just be those who hear the Word of God, but those who practice what we’ve learned, by taking the next right step!