Love & Power ‘Obsessed with Outsiders’ Conversation Starters

Apr 29, 2018Life Groups, Love & Power

  1. What stood out to you in the sermon? (If you missed it, look for Love & Power at
  2. From this series called Love & Power, what has been the biggest takeaway for you?
  3. Read Luke 5:27-32. What did you notice in this passage? Describe the various tensions that must have been witnessed by the followers of Jesus. What does this passage tell us about the heart of God toward moral failures and spiritual strugglers?
  4. Keep in mind that a tax collector in ancient times is roughly equivalent to a modern day, organized-crime thug. These are bad dudes. They are Jews who have sold out to the oppressive Roman government by extorting their own Jewish neighbors. Without naming names, who are the moral failures and spiritual strugglers you have great difficulty respecting? In what way are those people “spiritual outsiders”? What makes it hard for you to have compassion on those “outsiders”?
  5. In general, what is your disposition toward spiritual outsiders?

    •  Opposed to Outsider: I’m very upset about people who don’t value Jesus. I feel they are ruining our culture and creating a terrible spiritual climate. In my heart I really struggle loving these people and kind of wish God would just get them out of our way.

    •  Okay with Outsiders: I don’t really have a big frustration with spiritual outsiders. I’d really like them to come to know the goodness of God that I have discovered, but the reality is that I don’t think about that too much. I’m not super passionate about relating to them or pointing out Jesus to them. Reality is, my life is pretty set and I don’t invest much into significant spiritual impact on outsiders.

    •  Obsessed with Outsiders: I think about those who are far from Jesus all the time. I often try to figure out ways to connect to them and help them see the goodness of God in my life and through Jesus. I pray for them constantly and invite them into my life in all sorts of different ways.

  6. Jesus was obviously outsider-obsessed. How do you feel about that? How has his obsession impacted your life? How do you hope this affects us as church?
  7. Who is a spiritual outsider you would love to see come to know Jesus? How would the Lord change their life and eternity? Pick a step you can take to better reveal the love and message of Jesus to someone who is a spiritual outsider. Discuss how together your group can more effectively reach out to churchless people.
  8. Pray for each other and for VC, that together we will be one of the many churches that is marked with a deep obsession with spiritual outsiders, and all to God’s credit!