Love & Power ‘Spiritual Healing’ Conversation Starters

Apr 22, 2018 | Life Groups, Love & Power

  1. What stood out to you in the sermon? If you missed it on Sunday, take some time to watch or listen to part 6 of the Love and Power series at
  2. Take some time to have a few people share their faith journey with the group. Who were the people in your life that practiced their faith in a way that helped get you connected to God?
  3. Read Luke 5:17-26 as a group.
  4. What do you think about this statement? What do you like? What are the tensions? How is this statement represented in the passage? The FAITH of a FEW can lead to the FORGIVENESS of ONE
  5. Just as someone else’s faith helped lead you to Jesus, we have the responsibility to partner with others and bring people to Jesus. Do you find that this is a more natural practice in your life or more awkward? Explain.
  6. Brainstorm as a group ways in which you can partner together to reach people who are far from God in a way that feels natural and not awkward. Give yourself a homework assignment (individually or as a group) to apply this message in the next 2 weeks. Be prepared to give a report to the group in 2 weeks.

    a. Who can you partner with?
    b. Who can you be praying for?
    c. When and where will you invite them (to your home, out to coffee, to church or special event, etc.)?
    d. What’s your next step?

  7. Spend some time praying, as a group, for one person that you love who is disconnected from God right now, but you have a sense of responsibility to reach, invite, or introduce them to Jesus.