Love & Power ‘Miraculous Human Contact’ Conversation Starters

Apr 15, 2018 | Life Groups, Love & Power

  1. What stood out to you in the sermon? (If you missed it, look for Love & Power at
  2. Read Luke 5:12-16. What did you notice in this passage? What does it say about the power of God? What does it say about the power of human contact? What do think the disciples of Jesus learned as they watched?
  3. Did you notice the progression of human contact Jesus modeled in verse 13? Draw a simple picture that illustrates the steps he took. Why do you think he took those steps? Why in that order?
  4. Today, how did you practice your powers of Miraculous of Human Contact?
  • NON-VERBAL: Smile, Eye contact, Slight nod, Wave hello, Don’t look away, Look at them, Hold the door, Give a small gift, Send a picture
  • PHYSICAL: Hand shake, High five, Fist bump, Pat on the back, Small hug, Big hug
  • VERBAL: Write a note, Send text, Invite to sit, Respond to texts, Talk, Ask questions, Like their post, Compliment, Listen, Encourage, Echo back, Cheer on

5. How might this statement be true? If you want to experience more of the miraculous, practice your powers of Miraculous Human Contact.
6. Which of the above kinds of human contact is easiest for you to practice? Non-Verbal, Physical or Verbal? Why?
7. For you, what is a next step of growth in the realm of human contact? Describe a few specific steps you want to practice. How will this affect others? How will this grow you? Pray for each other about these steps.