Daniel 5

Through Daniel’s story to this point the author has clearly shown that God is sovereign over the affairs of men. Our success and victory are not dependent on our abilities, but upon God’s faithfulness. Therefore, like Daniel and his friends, we can boldly face any circumstance or “fiery furnace” of life with confidence. 

As we move in Daniel 6 we find a much different type of story. It’s the account of what happens when we become a bit “bit too big for our britches” — a lesson King Belshazzar had to learn the hard way! His story should be a warning that God is still in the business of “weighing” both our overall culture and us as individuals against His own standards!  

I hate to break it to you, but our society is SICK! It’s affecting our homes, our communities and our entire nation…..and worst of all the church is often far too quiet. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!    

A. THE SYMPTOMS  – A Top 10 List

1.  ___________________     ______________________

2. _______________   ___________    _______________

3.  _____________________    _____________________

4.  ____________________    ______________________

5.  ____________________    ______________________

6.  ____________    ______________________________

7.  ____________   _____   ________________________

8.  _____________________________

9.  _______________   ______   _____________   _____

10.  ____________________________

B. THE ROOT CAUSE  – Weakened Convictions 

“CONVICTION – a firmly held opinion or belief”

C.  THE CURE  –  The “I’s” Have It!  

  • INTEGRITY –  “Honesty, undivided and strong”
  • INTENSITY – “Energy, strength and concentration”
  • INVESTMENT – “Personal participation”