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Introducing The Nine Signs of Spiritual Maturity 

We have identified nine characteristics that define a transformed and mature follower of Christ. We hope to use these characteristics, or signs, as mile markers to help us pay attention to the path we’re on. It is important to note that these are all broad simplifications. They’re not meant to be a pass/fail test, but a gauge we check regularly and to know when and where to adjust as we go. Each week we will explore one of these nine signs in depth using a variety of exercises and spiritual disciplines designed to help you evaluate where you’re at and how you can continue growing towards maturity in Christ.

This Week’s Focus: A Mature Disciple Lives Out Scripture

This week’s sign has three equally important components. Explicitly, the statement declares that a mature disciple is someone who lives out the scripture they read. But in order to live out what we read, we must believe it. And in order to believe what we read, we need to know what it says (or in other words: actually read it.)

We believe a mature follower of Christ recognizes the Bible as God-breathed and infallible. Which makes scripture the final authority for their faith and life. For us, this looks like reading, studying, and meditating on scriptures regularly. It also means our life is consistently being shaped by those scriptures.

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