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Introducing The Nine Signs of Spiritual Maturity 

We have identified nine characteristics that define a transformed and mature follower of Christ. We hope to use these characteristics, or signs, as mile markers to help us pay attention to the path we’re on. It is important to note that these are all broad simplifications. They’re not meant to be a pass/fail test, but a gauge we check regularly and to know when and where to adjust as we go. Each week we will explore one of these nine signs in depth using a variety of exercises and spiritual disciplines designed to help you evaluate where you’re at and how you can continue growing towards maturity in Christ.

This Week’s Focus: A Mature Disciple Serves The Most Vulnerable

As Christians, we often refer to the way God designed our world as an “upside-down kingdom.” This is in reference to Jesus’ teachings during His time on earth; teachings that completely flipped cultural norms on their head. He taught that the most powerful leaders were humble and the holiest people were repentant sinners. He also taught that some of the most important people in our lives are the broken and hurting – the widows, the orphans, the poor, the isolated, the oppressed. He calls us to honorably care for those who are particularly vulnerable to the pains of our world and the temptations of our enemy.

We live by the values of that upside kingdom. So we believe a spirituality mature disciple sees Jesus as the first to touch the untouchables, the first to include the outcasts, and follows His example. They stand with Jesus as defenders of the widows, orphans and foreigners. For us, this means being an active participant in our church’s commitment to serve the oppressed, marginalized, and overlooked, both inside and outside the church.

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