Counseling and Pastoral Care

The mission of Vancouver Church is to be with Jesus, like Jesus, more every day. We recognize that special needs can arise in our congregation, so we want to be there to help. That help may include:

  • On-call pastors for everyday prayer and after-hours emergency prayer needs
  • Financial counseling and training
  • Grief counseling and memorial service assistance
  • Visitation to our hospitalized
  • Connection to Social Services in our community
  • Handyman help for the widowed and disabled
  • Help for single parents in need
  • Visits and encouragement for the homebound
  • Temporary emergency assistance to congregational members

In addition to these services, those desiring counseling or mental health assistance beyond our regular areas of ministry may obtain a counseling referral. Vancouver Church has partnered with His Heart Foundation, a nonprofit committed to serving local churches by providing vetted Christian counseling referrals in Clark County. They can also provide online mental health education and Christian mentoring.