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Once a month, we gather as an entire church for prayer. Click below to see what that means for us during COVID-19.


We believe in the power of prayer! Click below for the link to our automated prayer requests, and check back to see that real people have prayed for you.


We are a praying people. We don’t just say “I’ll pray for you.” See our prayer list, and click to pray for each other in real time.


We love praise reports, prayer testimonies, or stories about what Jesus did for you in prayer. Whatever you call it, share to encourage others.


Every Wednesday, Vancouver Church covers all 24 hours of the day in prayer. Sign up for one of those hours now and join us in prayer every Wednesday!


The Luis Palau Association sponsors this Portland-Vancouver live prayer event from regional pastors every Wednesday at noon, to pray for needs brought about by COVID-19.


We recently completed the “How to Pray” series by Pete Greig, and there are tons of resources we collected. Take a look here.

Monthly Prayer Gatherings

Replay our April All-Church Prayer Gathering (online):

Our all-church prayer gathering is an event held every second Wednesday at 6:30pm. It’s an amazing place where multiple generations gather once a month to pray for a specific and timely issue and listen to hear from God.

While we’re not gathering in person during COVID-19, we can still be together in prayer!

Join us on Facebook Live every second Wednesday. That platform will allow us to interact through live comments as we are guided in a time of prayer.

If you don’t have Facebook then please tune in here. We will do our best to post both the livestream and a replay video, as technology allows.

Prayer Requests

Submit a Prayer Request


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Pray for Someone Who Needs Prayer

  • For friend, Mary Edith

    Pray for friend, Mary Edith, whose meds got mixed up and caused physical problems. She suffers from blindness and deafness. She cannot sleep and wanders. Pray for her husband, Bob, as he is caring for her and is very tired - Mary

  • Relief from Pain

    Pray for health and relief from pain. Also, for continued recovery from drug dependency.

  • Sister's Health

    Pray for my sister; she is still waiting to see a doctor for her pain. She also needs to lose weight - Mary

  • Neighbor

    Pray for our neighbor, June; she is having chemotherapy and is depressed with physical and emotional issues - Mary

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Prayer Testimonies

Sharing Your Prayer Testimony Starts Here

God is not a far-off, absent Father. He loves us! He wants to hear from us and wants good things for all his creation! And he wants to speak and perform healings and miracles!

While we don’t understand all the reasons for unanswered prayer, we want to celebrate the answers we do receive. What has Jesus done for you (or someone else) through prayer?

24 Hours of Prayer

Join us Wednesdays and cover all 24 hours of the day in prayer!

Each Wednesday we’re praying as a church from midnight to midnight, with one or more of us covering each hour of the day for 24 hours. If you’d like, you might also join us in a fast.

It’s a powerful and meaningful way to come to God as a family and bring him our prayers, praises, and conversation. Sign up by clicking the image.

ONE PDX Wednesdays

The Luis Palau Association is the sponsor of ONEPDX, a weekly prayer event for the Portland and Vancouver area, led by regional pastors of churches all over the region. Each Wednesday at noon, hundreds of people link up to pray together online for a specific purpose. You can join them live from the links on their website. Click on the image above to go there.

Prayer Resources

In January 2020, our church completed a sermon series and study on the Pete Greig book and prayer course, “How to Pray.” This included a number of tools, resources, videos, discussion questions and exercises that are useful for anyone embarking on a mission to get to know God deeper through conversation with Him. Click on the “How to Pray” image for links to these helpful resources.