New here?

Welcome to Vancouver Church. We are a church that seeks to love and follow Jesus. Our desire is to know Him better, trust His leadership in our everyday lives, and express His love to others in tangible ways.
Our Church, Our Community

Maybe you’ve never been to church before. Maybe you’ve been to church hundreds of times. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to get to know Vancouver Church—and more importantly, to get to know Jesus.

When most people think about church, they typically think about Sunday worship gatherings. But actually, Sunday gatherings are just the tip of the iceberg. Because we believe that nobody should go through life alone, we provide opportunities for community through our small groups, Bible studies, and special events. And because we are passionate about serving those around us, we encourage you to find ways to get involved either here at our church or in our community.

Staff & Leadership

Our pastors, staff, and leaders within our congregation are not just here to teach and plan programs or events, but to walk with you on your journey of life. To pray with you, to celebrate with you, to grieve with you, to stand by you during hard times, and encourage you in times of doubt.

Get To Know Us

We invite you to get to know our staff and contact them directly to chat, ask questions, receive spiritual support, or share thoughts and comments.